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Here are some projects developed in recent years together with our partners and customers:


Company with which we have successfully achieved special cryogenic machines for Airbus and ESA, liquefied biomethane and biogenic carbon dioxide production plants and systems for codensation vents;

Danieli Automation

Giant of industrial automation, with which we have completed dozens of commissioning and startups of rolling mills (for rebar, profiles, wire rod, ...), pipe mills (hot and cold part), stacker and bar counter, flying shear, ...

Mair Research

Industrial leader in the production of tube and bar processing and processing machines, for which we have created automation of bars handling, packaging machines, tube handling, ...


With which we have carried out projects for the optimization of production machines such as slitter for coil cutting, continuous tube production machines from 3 to 8 inches, draw banch for tubes and pointing machines;


With which we have developed automatic machines for the realization of nondestructive tests with eddy current, ultrasounds for tubes and bars, fully automatic inspection system for bars with a diameter of 600mm for Ascometal steel mills;


For this reason we have created machines for the ultrasonic inspection of aluminum / steel bars in oil immersion;


With which we have created with great success windshield inspection machines using a vision, acquisition and data logging system with a micro camera at 160 fps;

Polytechnic of Turin

Which saw us participating in various collaborations  on various technological projects in the automotive environment and for fluid dynamics studies.

Isam Sapi

First and historic partner with whom we have designed and built dozens and dozens of projects, among these there are special machines for the formation and automatic welding of conical poles, clamping benches for road transport tanks, lines for the production of tanks for boilers, lines for the production of KEG for carbonated drinks, fully automatic machines for submerged arc welding, complete production line for passenger and driver side airbugs, self-built robotic line for semi-ring welding on open-top containers, container wall forming line, door welding.

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